• Paperwork Sucks

    So we fixed it.

    Nickler automates small business bookkeeping

    Automagically syncs all your invoices with your bookkeeping software

    Approve, flag, and pay your company bills on your mobile device. No more data entry, no more checkbook, no more paperwork.

    Integrated price checker keeps tabs on all your purchases and notifies you if they go up or down.

    Digital Payments for Suppliers

    Get paid up to 3 times faster, without the hassle of NSF checks or added workload.

    Nickler connects you to the people who pay the bill, and makes it easier for them to pay you instantly, and directly.

    Automagic integration means no extra software to purchase, no new workflow, and no extra costs to incur.

    Your business, in the palm of your hand

    Track all your incoming and outgoing bills and invoices in one easy place.

    Multiple users with variable permissions means receiving, approval, and payment .

    Nickler stops your paperwork from running you ragged, so you can get back to running your business.

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